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The London Expo

Well at long last (Last weekend, sorry for the late post) and quite unfairly the london expo has come to an end, This year was full of suprises as Atari and Activision where there and the Dofus team came to with about 20 o so computers with dofus installed for all to play. The regular people where, The “Flat” comic team, The Tokyopop staff had there usual gigantic stall in teh middle of the entrance and The Robot wars stage was in the far corner which may I say I spent at least 10 minutes standing there watching sparks and Robots fly. I loved the expo all round but now as i get home i cant really walk because im so tired, im gonna log off for the night and post a full page with some pics on the Expo tomorrow. :<


Some upcoming things

well the london expo is this coming sunday (tomorrow)and i will be covering the show floor with a few reviews and some pics of the stands i go to. Ill be bringing you a full review on monday and maybe some interviews with the star guest people as last year the voice characters from the main naruto characters were there and some designers from a few major and minor comics, Last year i had no laptop so this year will be fully covered. Watch this space for all the reviews and news direct from the show floor

Starcraft 2 announced

Yesterday Blizzard anounced there in the process of making a sequal to the fantastic and legendary Starcraft game, a real time strategy game i havent even played myself,  From teh screenshots and videos ive seen of gameplay it is so far fantastic and all things are in full swing over at blizzard. There was no release date, all Blizzard said was the game will be out when it is ready. I know ill be buying that and a subscription to WoW as i have not played any games from blizzard and am eager to play both as i have loads of free time now the Tests are over. To all, I encourage you to go and take a look at some of the screenshots and videos becoause it truly looks fantastic. 🙂


The test season is coming up and lucky for me its only SATS and not GCSE tests but for those unlucky dudes out there that have to deal with the 7 or less weeks of hell, good luck but for us down in SATs land we onyl have to cope with a week 🙂 I know everyone doing IT Tests im very happy for you as id ont havee a list i dont yet know which ones ill take but good luck wiht whatever youyr taking and if anyone feels nice feel free to send me as liust of IT exams you can take

Xbox 360 elite

Yeah the xbox 360 elite has been released, microsoft re painted the console added HDMI port and chucked in a bigger HD and the amount of cables in the box i scary.

for full details of whats in the box go to my other blog Tokyo AI