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My puny steam account

lol i printed my steam account for a forum post recently so i thought id post it here too.


Finally some happy news!

Ok so i have a clean laptop got rid of 7gb of stuff and then downloaded the first 4 seasons of RedVsBlue. Thats made me happy on its own but then i booked tickets for the mac live expo (fingers crossed im old enough to attend) Now that im all happy i took a lone trip to kent to help my Nan fix her computer, unfortunately for her it seems that the HD might be dying. Ive tried all sorts but theres also a chance something a startup is causing the problem. the problem is thus, The computer will turn on but the screen will stay in standby, then with a change of monitor the computer boots to the windows loading screen and then monitor goes into standby. If anyone reading can help that would be much appreciated, you know the email if you wanna contact me. Cheers 🙂

P.S windows boots to safe mode so maybe its something to do with startup as i said.

Goddamn smitfraud

Yes for those that know what it is my laptop got infected with smitfraud and about a tonne of other spyware and a rootkit called XDMP to top it all off. It took me and a computer engineer (who got rid of most of the spyware) over 5 hours to clean my poor laptop and an extra 2 to find all components of XDMP and eliminate them. So all round it was a very bad 2 days I had last week and now im happy with a nice clean laptop, and a whole load of firewalls and anti-viruses. Hopefully now i got rid of my other blog ill have more time to post here. fingers crossed ill have some happy news for myself next week.