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Birthday, the murder and rebirth of Ubuntu

Well to keep it short, it was my birthday a while ago and i received some pretty interesting things, to list a few i received a new watch and a bike which I started using before my birthday while the sun still existed over the summer holidays. Now to the murder of Ubuntu, i was quick to get rid of ubuntu  but it was to be reborn in the form of Wubi, the windows installer for ubuntu im still downloading the ISO file of ubuntu but ill post about the experience of wubi when its all clean a and sparkly. The last thing im gonna mention in this post is how i keep saying ill update the site, well ive learned my lesson and have decided not to say that and to update when i can instead of all the time . Until next time, Dan


A few old favourites

Recently I’ve been cleaning out my room to make way for a new computer I’m gonna build at Christmas and the new desk I’m buying too. In the piles of stuff i discovered a few xbox games that worth replaying, for those that have the games, i really suggest playing them again there totally worth it. Burnout 3, Doom 3, Halo 2 (best soundtrack ever) and Extreme beach volly ball (awesome graphics). Mostly I’ve been playing burnout mostly due to the amount of races to enter and things to unlock, for the xbox this game has very nice graphics and easy to pick up controls. I wont bother reviewing anything because the games mentioned are cheap enough to go out and buy as glass like coasters so you can just pick them up, but if ‘ looking for long playtime and very nice multiplayer then Halo 2 if you don”t aleady have it halo 2 is soo worth picking up on PC or xbox. Before i sign off I’m gonna try and finish a draught post on how modding my xbox went horribly wrong. O look out for that.

Ubuntu installed

Ok well yesterday I finished tidying up and changing my ubuntu installation and i have to say WOW it looks better than vista and has better graphical tidbits like 3d desktop rotation. Now i know you can do that with vista but its looks so much nicer on Ubuntu. The nicest thing for me was every time I re-install a computer with XP or somethings else theres always heaps on heaps of drivers to download, graphic drivers, wireless drivers and drivers for the chipset etc. But ubuntu has so many drivers in its library and only installs the ones for your hardware, it takes at least and hour less to install properly. Before i sign off i give some links Ubuntu Official, Free Ubuntu CDs/DVDs, Gnome desktop theming. 🙂