The Click of death

Yes, as the title may have given away my laptops Hard Drive is giving the tiniest click of death every so often and i am sure it is not the HD just loading something because it is not any longer than a second and sounds more like the arm clicking on something however I have already backed up my system as I tend to backup in some form every month or so Just in case. Many People have automatic backup systems and backup and reinstall every day just to keep the system clean but i have no need for that because most of my installers are on disc or USB and all of my music is on my iPod ready to re-download onto the PC. But this isnt just a short rant its a warning to people who never back up, It is important even if its only a file backup for files you cant get back or already have copys of, I tend to create an image of my HDs once a year and put them on a safe HD somewhere or onto DVDs, so if you dont backup then i strongly urge you. The one bad thing about this is that no matter how many times its repeated on the net, there are still some (like me) who dont realise the importance of it until the danger to your files is very real. But to end on a good note, ive reached my goal of buying a DS modcartridge (for those of whom dont know wiki it) and am about to order it in the next few days or so. Until next post.


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