One Website And A New Screen Later…

Finally Term ends and I have one estimate mark for the website development project and to make my Christmas even better I received the Sapres laptop and just popped in a new fan and my old Hard Drive and Voila it works, which is of course how im writing this post. To be honest theres not a lot more going on, i’ve collected around 160 if i include the definate Christmas money i’m getting so i’m almost to the point of building a new computer, but the downside is I wont be able to build this machine until gone Christmas as im a little money short and completely out of time to order parts, however that is technically a plus As now I can order parts in January which means hopefully low prices and a better Machine if I blow the same amount of money. Thats all for this post as im way to tired to type more than this because of the recent late nights i used to catch up on some gaming. Until next Time 🙂 and Happy Christmas


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