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Changes And Games

Well first off id like to say that over the past month my laptop screen inverter blew, therefore disabling me from using my laptop but because my old screen (the broken one) had a working inverter i replaced the current one with that so my laptops now working again. I finally got round to getting enough money for a new build so i got the parts in and one of my friends built i up for me, i didnt want to brake any parts with static etc, cos it wouldve taken me a long time to get enough money to get the parts back. So once it downloaded all my steam games and installed a few others. I spent no time in getting it home and pushing off any homework etc to backburner while i got into and finished a tonne of games, once id got through those i worked my way through a tonne of homework id collected during my game sessions. What with yet more games to play and my old machine to rebuild for my uncle, i have not been on the net for at least 2 weeks, that of course is my explanation for the late post. Ive got a couple of things to get in the next month (internet etc) but thatll have to wait until i get my new card and some more money as someone stole my wallet at school. So until next time 🙂