The Short post

Long time no post, To much stuff going on realy.
Lots of gaming with my new build. Lots of buying stuff. Lots of trying to get some kind of internet around the house, that however is sorted, internet will be up in my house by end of week and ill be real happy.
Im trying out an AMD Leopard install disk only to realise that it just wont work. Changing my laptop chasis to the crappy one i had lying around so my friend could spray paint it for me (i wouldnt be too good at that) Work and a movie poster/preview project im working on for school. of course its not a real movie just my own made up one, doesnt matter so long as the work is good and i get a good grade (fingers crossed) Re installs of stuff and more gaming as well. Ive been starting off with games like UT and of course crysis, i urge you all to check them both out. ones old and one is new, but both are very fun. Thast is pretty much what has been taking my time up lately but fingers crossed my next post will be a nice long rant about stuff…


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